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The #OS2019 Pre-wedding is the Right Dose of Cuteness for Today + their #AsoEbiBella Style is ?

Love is really such a beautiful thing and every time our feature confirms that.

This amazing couple, Ogechi and her all-time lover, Siji are absolutely a delight. In their pre-wedding shoot captured by the talented photographer, Happy Benson Pixels, their magical connection is clearly seen and well-detailed. Plus, they not only gave us Instagram-worthy moments but also brought on the slay in their beautiful outfits.

Though we might not have their love story, they blessed us with a poem that describes their love. Read it below and also play catch up with more features here.

Here’s the poem by the bride-to-be, Ogechi:

Just like a diamond in the midst of stones, so are you amongst other men!
You’re the definition of “a good man, hard to find”.
You’re my best decision EVER! ♥️

When I found you, I found myself, I found safety
You made me better today, now my heart can rest and I can search no more
I was made for loving you.

I love you for your continuous affirmation.




Photography: @hbpixels
Planner: @tanachevents
Makeup: @jennie_veestouch

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    June 17, 2019 at 3:17 PM

    Dear BNW team, I have heard a lot about Happy Benson Pixels and Thank you for showcasing their work through this article. Your scripting has brought an undoubted effect on their photographic skills and their technical talents. It is so different to see the pictures getting enhanced with the couple’s poem of love.

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