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Seyi & Doja Find Their Way to Forever, Years After Meeting Through a Mutual Friend

Love has its own way of doing things and as we like to say, it simply has no manual! Today, we’re gushing over the beautiful pre-wedding photos and love story of Seyi and Doja. The love birds are well on their way into forever and their love story will have you appreciating the uniqueness of love.

The two met years ago through a mutual friend while they were in university. They tried to hang out later, however, this was not to be. They in fact eventually lost contact for a long time. So what changed and how did #ForeverDose come to be? Well, Seyi gives us all the details. Just keep scrolling to find out. Their pre-wedding shoot is giving us all the feels and we’re absolutely rooting for the sweethearts. Click here to see how Seyi popped the big question.

Enjoy their beautiful pre-wedding photos and love story below.

Their love story as shared by Seyi:

Doja and I met through a mutual friend called Bokun during our University days (University of Lagos, UNILAG). Our first encounter was very brief because I was on my way to class. I just said “hi” and moved on with my day.

Doja asked Bokun if he could plan a proper hangout. Bokun told me about it and after a lot of persuasion from him, I agreed and we decided to meet at the movies. We ended up not seeing the movie because we were late and the movie tickets were sold out so we just exchanged contacts and kept in touch.

He noticed I am really into fashion so he decided to bring a fashion proposal and even got me a slot for one popular fashion show at the time to showcase some of my pieces. He was really helpful with the whole process. After the fashion show, we lost contact.

Then boom! 5 years ago we met again at a restaurant in 1004 and exchanged contacts. Doja ghosted for one year and didn’t reach out to me at all. One day, out of the blues, I got a call from him asking to see me. We met over dinner and he followed up this time and showed interest but I wasn’t ready.

We stayed out of touch until one day I needed his help with company registration as he is a lawyer. I reached out to him and he helped me out and this got us talking again. One thing that stood out about Doja is his heart. He is very honest and I noticed he’s not scared to love me.

No mind games, he put all his cards on the table without the fear of being hurt. May seem like no big deal, but it’s what I’ve always wanted. Still being sceptical and to get me more willing, he suggested we sign a small date contract for 3 months. Somewhat like a relationship test run.

It would mean that we would go on dates and hang out casually, have honest conversations and see how we really feel. The truth is I had never met someone who was more intentional about wanting to be with me, so I obliged. After 3 months, we decided we would date for real and here we are.



Photography: @tosin_josh
Bride’s Assistant: @eventbytma

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