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Olajumoke & Oladimeji Met On Facebook! #WhenYesMeansForever

When love happens, nothing can stop it – not even distance! Today, we’ve got yet another beautiful couple to drool over and they are reinforcing our belief that love can indeed be found on social media.

When Olajumoke had a large number of Facebook friend requests on this fateful day, she only accepted one! This one person turned out to be Oladimeji. Little did she know that this one would lead to the start of something beautiful. Now, Olajumoke and Oladimeji are headed down the forever lane and we’re super stoked for them!

Their pre-wedding shoot has us in our feelings and we can’t get enough of their chemistry. We bet you’ll love these photos as much as we do.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below.

Their love story as shared by Oladimeji:

It was in 2015. I was surfing Facebook when I saw the profile of this beautiful lady and I sent a friend request. I think luck smiled at me as she later told me that of all 100 friend requests she had that day, she only accepted mine.

It was a long-distance relationship but our communication was so good that we could keep the conversation going for hours. She kept saying she knows me and that I looked familiar. Meanwhile, I had never seen her in my life but I knew it was God working and she will be mine forever.

Despite being thousands of miles apart, our love kept growing healthier at the break of each day. I’ve never wanted anything this much, forever with you is my favourite thing.



Planner: @glam1907events
Makeup: @sofire_glam
Hair: @zirconhair
Videography: @fdomingofilms
Gele: @tagele__
Photography: @c3pictures_gallery

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