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Olakunbi Was Convinced About Adebola Right from The First Date!

Have you ever met someone with who you just fell in sync almost immediately? Well, we bet Olakunbi and Adebola can totally relate.

The sweethearts met on Twitter and they decided to go on their first date. Even though things didn’t go exactly as planned, it ended up being the perfect first date! At that point, Olakunbi was certain she wanted what she felt with Adebola to last for a lifetime. Now, these lovebirds are taking the forever route and their pre-wedding photos are giving us so much joy! They make love look so beautiful and we can’t get over how they radiate in each other’s arms. We are obsessed with their stylish looks and you will certainly love their photos as much as we do.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Adebola:

We met on Twitter and got casually talking. We decided to meet up and we found a day that worked for both of us. Then Olakunbi called and said, “I know we planned to meet today but I have a consultation today. Would you like to go with me and then we hang out afterwards or should we reschedule?”. Well, I decided to go for the consultation with her.

Their love story as shared by Olakunbi:

He came to pick me up and we went for the consultation. On our way, we stopped on the third mainland bridge to take some lovely sunset photos. At the consultation, apparently, our chemistry was quite pronounced and the client was surprised that this was our first meeting. We even got new clients that day and we pulled off being a couple so well that they were interested in the dynamics of how WE could work together as a couple and run the business.

What we found funny was how they were doing “god when” for people that had just met us an hour ago. I mean we were strangers, but it felt like the world was already rooting for us. After the consultation, we attended Asa’s concert and her songs were a good way to wrap up a fun day. Everything about that day was different and unconventional but I guess that was what made it magical. So I asked myself if this was day one, I wonder what a lifetime would be like. 3 years later, I have not regretted that decision.


Makeup  @glambydami
Groom’s outfit @odufashion
Bride’s outfit  @yetrend
Hairstylist  @munamimscuts
Stylist @yetrend
Photography @weezy_scott
Planner  @bmluxeevents


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