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Take In The Sweetness Of Olamide and Paul’s Pre-Wedding Photos

You know that feeling when you have heard so much about something – which makes you eager to give it a try, just so you can know what the rave is all about. Olamide can relate to this because this is how she met her sweetheart, Paul.

Olamide had heard a lot about her cousin’s top-notch tailor, Paul. Eventually, they met at a birthday party and after a brief conversation, she decided to patronize his brand. One thing led to the other, and a sweet love journey ensued.  Now, here we are taking in all the beauty of their beautiful pre-wedding photos. Their hearty smiles and warm hugs are heart-melting. We bet you will love their pre-wedding photos as much as we do.

Enjoy their beautiful photos and love story as shared by Olamide below.

Their love story as shared by Olamide:

I met Paul through my cousin, who had been raving about how good his tailor was, so I had the mind to ask for his contact since I was already looking to change my dad’s tailor as I was not happy with what his then tailor was making him. Luckily, my cousin organized a surprise birthday for his wife and Paul was in attendance. We were introduced and we chatted for a bit. During the small chat I already noticed he was not your regular fashion designer, first, he was really good looking but what struck me the most was his mind and business drive, I was fascinated about the fact that someone that young already had that kind of direction and was taking giant strides in his business.

After the birthday, I asked for his contact from my cousin and invited him to our house to take my dad’s measurements, my dad ended up choosing about 7 outfits. He later chatted me up to invite me out for drinks just to say thank you. Over drinks, we bonded, and I discovered we had a lot of things in common, our orientation and perception of things were kind of similar, and his sense of reasoning was different from the other guys I had been with, especially guys in the area. I really loved the way we vibed on our first outing, I had never vibed with any guy on that level and it kind of set him apart from all the other guys so it was easy for me to go on other dates with him and before I knew it we became inseparable.

We would talk for hours over the phone without getting tired and we were always looking for ways to meet around our busy schedules. We became best of friends and you’d practically almost always find us together. This went on for months, though we didn’t put a label on what we had going on up until August 2021 when the masters I had been pushing for in the UK came through, in the face of the seemingly inevitable separation, howbeit temporary since I had already suggested the option of both going to the UK instead of the US he originally was considering and he accepted, we had to define the relationship.

Paul officially asked me out and we decided it was also time he was officially introduced to my parents, everyone loved him, and not long after that we left for the country. The rest they say is history…..


Bride @wollflowar
Groom @adetoke.w
Makeup @diwuraoge
Planner @2504events
Groom’s outfit

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