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Two Parties, One Dance & a Facebook Reconnection – It’s #CN4ever!

When two hearts are meant to be, even in a room full of people, they would easily gravitate towards each other. Let’s call it the magnetic force of love. Call us love scientists, as Olivia and Chimezie are about to help us prove this theory! 😅

Olivia met the love of her life, Chimezie for the first time at a party and he immediately caught her eye. Now, where it gets interesting is that Chimezie was also captivated by the beauty that is Olivia. One dance and a beautiful conversation after, they both knew they had to keep in touch. But this didn’t really go as planned. However, as we mentioned, when two hearts are meant to be… You already know how it went, as here we are, celebrating the beauty that is love and gushing over their amazing chemistry and pre-wedding photos.

Enjoy their love story just how Olivia and Chimezie tell it, and their beautiful pre-wedding photos below.

Here’s how Olivia tells their love story:

We met at a party. I walked into a room and saw Chimezie talking to someone. I remember thinking how handsome he was, but I was too shy to approach him. As the night went on, we got introduced and made small talk. The party ended and I thought I would never see him again.

A few days later, my cousins and I hosted a party in our home. While I was getting ready, one of my cousins kept telling me to hurry up because someone was asking about me. When I got to the party venue, Chimezie approached me and asked me to dance.

After dancing, we spent the rest of the night getting to know each other. Our conversation was wholesome and we talked as if we were old friends. That night, I got a glimpse of Chimezie’s heart and I immediately knew he was special.

That night, we promised to keep in touch but knew it would be difficult due to me living in Canada and him in Nigeria. We had minimal contact with each other until we reconnected via Facebook on March 24th, 2016. Weekly Facebook messages became night long video calls via WhatsApp and the rest is history.

Chimezie’s side of the story:

I was with some friends when I spotted Njideka and her sisters walking into the compound. At first, I was like “Omo, see squad!” But Njideka stood out, her smile actually caught me. It was getting dark, so we decided to move the party indoors. When I walked in, I did a quick scan of the room, but she wasn’t in there.

A few minutes passed as I was talking with a friend and she walks in and catches my gaze then walks to join her sisters. The night went on. Eventually, we got introduced and made small talk. Amidst the socializing, I found myself always stealing glances at her.

It felt like we had been friends for years, she got me and saw beyond any walls I had up. I promised to stay in touch, knowing it was going to be difficult, but I prayed we’d maintain our friendship. We stayed in touch minimally for a while.

In 2016, we reconnected, picked up from where we left off and found ourselves evolving into best friends.



Bride: @oliviabambam
Groom: @ch1mzy
Photography: @awgzzz

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