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The Olu of Warri & His Olori Celebrate 7 Years of Bliss & their Poems Have us Smiling!

What could be more beautiful than seeing two love birds tying the knot? We’ll say seeing them grow in love and celebrate many years together! For the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III and his wife, Olori Atuwatse III, it’s been 7 beautiful years!

The royal couple marked their 7th anniversary yesterday, the 15th of November 2021 and they took to Instagram to give us some “aww” worthy notes. Channelling his inner Shakespeare, the Olu of Warri shared this super sweet poem;

In honour of thy household
We sing our King and his Queen a song
Of a home crafted in the sweet perfume of love
Of progenies birthed from the blissfulness of the divine
Of a throne gifted with the virtues of the sun
Of a bond forged in the bosom of the Almighty
And of familial peace that will reign until the sun is no more

Of seasons come and wonders done
Of times and life that beholds splendour
Of years which shall always bear astonishing fruits
Of days when your union shall stretch until infinity
And now another year of glorious union is past
We sing our King and his Queen a song
To honour the days of thy love

May your dynasty outlive the sun
May your crowns always epitomise the wisdom of ages
May your sceptres always lift in grace
May your kingdom bear forth everlasting peace
May your days be seasoned with glorious songs
May your souls be filled with life’s breath for a century more

And while heaven is
And the earth breathes
And the sun beams
And the moon gleams
And the stars glimmer
Your love will be bound in bliss,

Happy Anniversary, Ogiame Atuwatse III and Olori Atuwatse III 

The Olori Atuwatse III also came through with more beautiful words, keep scrolling to enjoy.

Happy Anniversary to the love birds! Check out their beautiful photos below.

Olori Atuwatse III shared;

15/11/2021…Happy Wedding Anniversary @oluofwarri

Of the fresh dew of heaven
And the scents of heaven’s gardens.
Of the mix of beautifying oils and ointments
That the Bridegroom Himself
Showers His attention and care on us as His own.

As we come to this milestone
The Lord causes us to be signposts of renewal and restoration
And strengthen the Fibre of our marriage
As a cornerstone immovable
That we may be a pattern and example to all in the kingdom (spiritual and natural) of Gods steadfast and unfailing love. As a model for a godly marriage.

The Lord calls our seeds blessed
And seeds from our seeds

The LORD fences our union
And preserves it for His gain
He takes delight in us
As emissaries of the King
And carries out His purpose through both of us.

To many more fruitful years with you
To years of joy, laughter and love
To years of grace, passion and intimacy.
Enabled by the Lord
Enacted by the Spirit
Ordained by the Father.

Happy wedding anniversary, my king @oluofwarri



Couple: @oloriatuwatseiii @oluofwarri

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