Oma and Bugzy’s Wedding Video Will Give You Every Reason To Appreciate Love!

‘To have and to cherish forever.” These words hit differently when you find a special person who comes into your life and makes it brighter and more beautiful.

Oma and Bugzy have found each other and decided that forever is the only way to go. They exchanged their heartfelt vows in a beautiful white wedding and it was such a wholesome ceremony. Oma looked exceptionally gorgeous in her white dress and Bugzy made such a dapper groom. Their friends and family came to celebrate with them in their numbers and it was such an exciting atmosphere of love. The #CBforever23 wedding was a blast and we are rooting for the couple as they embark on this forever journey.

Enjoy their wedding video below:


Videography @nategenius01
Photography @kizito_otaru

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