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Achieve a Vibrant Mix of Culture & Style on Your Big Day With This Inspo!

We always love it when brides go out of their comfort zone and opt for bold designs for their big day. If your trad is around the corner, we’ve got this look for exuding chocolatey goodness.

This outfit by Omalified is a total stunner and we love how all the details came together to create this masterpiece. The gele by Sammy Inventions elevated this look in an elegant way and  Bibyonce sealed the radiance of this look with the alluring glam. If you are looking to opt for a sophisticated bridal slay, this is all the inspo you need. You can also find more beauty looks here.

See the photos below and share your thoughts with us.


Outfit @omalified
Makeup @bibyonce
Gele @sammyinventions
Jewellery @justbeadit_ng
Hand fan @omalified
Photography @photo_klassik
Fabric @george_by_oma
Location @lagosorientalhotel

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