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Achieve all-round Perfection on Your Trad With This Bridal Beauty Look!

Hunting for your perfect bridal look and outfits albeit fun can also be such a chore. We’re sure that brides-to-be can relate to this. Sometimes you get something that works in one way and not another (maybe the colour is perfect but the style is a bit off or something else). What you want is an all-rounder.

Now, we’ve got this bridal beauty look for you from makeup artist, Oteniara Makeovers and a team of wedding vendors. The clean face beat is def what every bride wants for her bridal glam – a charming glow. The Gele with all its layers is simply perfect and portrays fine attention to details. Now, of course, you know we’ve got to talk about that Asooke, from the colour to the shimmery texture and intricate embellishments… Every bride will be walking confidently in it. Everything about this look says perfection. So, if your Traditional wedding is coming soon, then you don’t have to worry about slaying perfectly.

Check out this bridal beauty look below and let us know what you think!



Makeup and Gele@oteniaramakeovers

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