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Vintage Asooke + Black Gele = A Perfect Combo For Your Trad

When it comes to bridal fashion, some brides like to play it safe and calm. Others like to turn up all the heat and make a statement. Whichever way, there’s one end goal – to be a completely stunning bride. Today, we’ve got something for the brides who like to make a statement with their look.

This bridal beauty look is sending the confident, dashing bride vibe and we’re totally here for it. The glam by Oteniara Makeovers comes through with the 100% stun recipe. We’re so loving the green eyeshadow matching seamlessly with the outfit. The black multilayered Gele by Smiles Creation speaks pure confidence and style. Now, we’ve surely got to talk about the vintage asooke with the modern styling to create a balance between classic and contemporary. Everything about this look, for us, is a show stopper. If you haven’t decided on a look yet, then you should totally pin this!

Check out all the photos of the look below and share your thoughts.



Makeup: @oteniaramakeovers
Asooke: @ariesbeadnasooke
Tailoring: @owoade_creations
Gele: @smilescreation
Jewellery: @beadsbyoludee
Photography: @wumiadefioye

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