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Even Distance Couldn’t Stop Oyinda & Bami’s Love

When two people fall in love, it is always so beautiful to see.

Today we are all about the #OBAMUnion. The gorgeous Oyinda and her forever love, Bami met back in her first year at the University. The funny thing is she was primarily in the particular University to while away time before moving to America to start the school year.

We guess this was fate’s way of bringing these two together. 12 years after their first meeting in 2009, these two have said yes to spending forever with each other and we can’t help but love the precious moments created their pre-wedding shoot. Keep scrolling to see each photo brilliantly captured by Jide Kola and also read their love story as told by Oyinda.


Here’s how it all started according to the bride, Oyinda:


We met in January 2009 when I went to Lead City University to while away time before I started my school year in America in the Fall of that same year. Today, I say God directed me to Lead City for that short time frame just to meet my husband. We met after classes and he offered me and my friends a ride back to our hostel. He had some friends in the car that day and they invited us to a party which we went for, but I didn’t see him at the party because I had left early. My friends got back the next morning and told me Bami had been looking for me. He called me later that day to check on me and asked why I left the party early, then we got talking and just clicked. It was a series of calls, hangouts and then we officially started dating the next month.


Fast forward to August 2009 I had to leave for school in America. We had just dated for a few months, but we knew this relationship was genuine and we were not going to let distance come between us. We decided to do all we could to keep the relationship going, with travels on both ends and regular video calls. We were thousands of miles apart but with the constant communication, it didn’t feel as though we were far apart. He popped the question in November 2019 when I came to Nigeria for my friend’s wedding and I said yes to my best friend.





Photography: @jidekola
Venue: @horploadstudios

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