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Patnieey Thought She Was Attending a Birthday Dinner – Alas, It Was a Sweet Proposal From Paul!

It’s so thrilling how surprise proposals pan out. The building suspense of going about your day completely oblivious of the fact that something magical awaits you.

Patnieey and Paul have been good friend since they met 12 years ago. As time passed, Cupid did it’s thing and their friendship blossomed into a sweet love story. Paul was certain that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his baby girl and he planned a beautiful surprise proposal. What Patnieey  thought was a friend’s birthday dinner turned out to be a romantic proposal. Now, these lovebirds are set for the aisle and we are super pumped for them!

Enjoy their proposal photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Patnieey:

Paul and I have been friends for 12 years. We met through mutual friends and although we didn’t talk often, whenever we did, we would catch up on everything we had missed. Both of us moved away from our neighborhood to attend university, but he always found ways to surprise me with calls and packages on my birthdays. This went on for three years consistently. The turning point in our journey came in 2020. That year, Paul couldn’t surprise me as he usually did because he had a lot going on. Instead, we had a long call where we talked for over two hours, sharing our lives and reconnecting more deeply than ever before. At the time, I was going through some hard times, and the connection between us felt stronger and more profound.

We found that we had everything in common and were there for each other unconditionally. We decided to give relationship a shot later that year. Paul traveled miles to see me, and from that moment on, our love, affection, and care for each other blossomed, making us inseparable. He became my brother, my best friend, and my boyfriend. He helped me study for my board exams, even though it wasn’t his field, and he paid for one of my exams. He supported my career and dreams, believing in me every step of the way.

In 2022, I moved out of Nigeria, and I was worried that it would be challenging for us. But despite his busy schedule, it felt like he was right beside me always. Our conviction grew stronger, and I couldn’t wait for us to be together again. After a year apart, Paul relocated to England. There are a lot more to this than I could say or describe, the love we share feels so unreal and I can only imagine this in movies but here we are living in it. I’ve always known Paul to be a man full of surprises, and this proposal was no exception. I thought I was going for a friend’s birthday dinner but turns out to be all about me. We simply can’t wait to build our life together and create amazing memories in the years ahead.


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