We’re Gushing Over Precious & Afam’s White Wedding in Abuja

Today, we’ll be making a list of things we’ll be doing that doesn’t involve celebrating love. Scratch that. There’s nothing else we’d rather do! Love remains top of every list, which is why we’re always super excited when we see love being celebrated. Now, Precious and Afam are giving us that sweet feeling of excitement that comes with weddings.

The couple caught the love bug, fell head over heels in love, and took it one notch higher as they tied the knot in a beautiful white wedding ceremony in Abuja. The joy of spending the rest of their lives together couldn’t be more evident as their eyes gleamed in bright hope and elation. From their vow exchange to the reception, one thing is evident – love is truly one of the most beautiful things to ever exist. Precious and Afam’s wedding will completely take your breath away.

Enjoy their wedding video below:



Videography: @wrgoimagery

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