First Friends, Then Lovers! You’ll Love #TheOA’s Pre-wedding Shoot

Have you ever lost something and while you go on a wild search for it, you discover that it was hiding in plain sight? Well, today isn’t about missing objects…It is about love and the possibility that it is closer than you think, staring at you right in the face. 😍

Princess and Agbo lived together in the same neighborhood for years but it wasn’t until at a mutual friend’s event that they spoke for the very first time. They became close friends and eventually got struck by cupid. Now, they are on their forever journey and we get to see a glimpse of their beautiful love in their pre-wedding photos. They make a super cute pair and we totally can’t get enough of the love and beauty they are serving!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below

Their love story as shared by Princess:

Our love story started way before we got into a relationship. Agbo and I grew up in the same neighborhood and we had crossed paths a multitude of times but we didn’t become friends until years down the line. The first time we spoke was at a mutual friend’s event , we didn’t pursue a relationship at the time because we both just got out of relationships..we decided to be friends to help each other through our respective heartbreaks.

I never knew the man of my dreams was right before my eyes. We decided to give our relationship a shot and that’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. True love they say is magical but falling in love with you made me realize how beautiful life is and how pleasant falling in love with the right person can be, everyday I want to be a better version of myself full of laughter, happiness and love to brighten your day forever.


Bride: @princess_odogu
Planner: @events_by_vordi
Makeup: @zantiara_lagos
Bride’s Outfit: @kemprechempire
Groom’s outfit: @niahs_homme
Hairstylist: @fabuloushairdo
Fabric: @tee_luxuryfabric
Photography: @raremagic_gallery

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