North Meets West! Rahila & Posi’s Traditional Wedding is all The Beauty Your Day Needs

How Rahila and Posi went from an interaction on Twitter to ‘Happy Ever After’ would always give us butterflies! 😍

To seal their union, they had a vibrant traditional wedding where they repped their Ga’anda and Yoruba roots respectively. For her first look, Rahila rocked a bedazzled dress with a flowing cape  and Posi came through dapper in his white babban riga. After tying the knot the Ga’anda way, they switched to their asooke outfits to represent the Yoruba roots and it was such a delight to see. Certainly, theirs was a beautiful intersection of love, family and rich culture – every frame of their wedding photos is worth gushing over.

Enjoy their wedding photos below:

Here for the premium glow Rahila and her girls are serving! 😍

Posi and his squad got the drip assignment!

Love and beauty overdose!

Let’s begin with the groom’s entrance

Here comes the radiant bride!

Now, let’s do things the Ga’anda way!


Rahila embracing her new Yoruba culture with her second look 😍


Yoruba groom with the drip!

We can’t get enough of these two! 😍


Love birds coming through in style! 😍

A symbol of our unending love 😍

Here’s to happy ever after!


Event planner and coordinator: @iam_confeedence
Turban: @eminence_mez
Bridal stylist: @femisola_a
Asooke Outfit@bisbodasooke

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