You’ve got to Watch This Ghanaian Bride Sing her Wedding Vows to her Groom

We just love when either the bride or groom does something special and different on their big day.

This beautiful Ghanaian bride, Louisa sang her vows instead of reading and it was so beautiful. Singing is one of her favorite things to do and so she gladly sang her vows to her special man. It not only brought a smile to her groom’s face but also to the faces of the wedding guests.

She shared:

On the most beautiful day of my life.. I decided to express my love for my husband through a song I wrote for him. My love for music is deep.. and for me, there was no greater way to express my love for him than through my gift. He always encouraged me to do more with my gift.. so I suprised him.. ya’ll should have seen his face lol.


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