From The Streets of Instagram To Forever! Enjoy Remi & Wole’s Civil Wedding Shoot

The classiness that comes with civil weddings is unmatched. We love how these weddings always combine simplicity with elegance, creating an intimate and refined atmosphere.

After their meet-cute on Instagram, Remi and Wole decided to take the legal steps to forever and it was all shades of beautiful! Today, we get to admire their beautiful civil wedding shoot and we’re obsessed with with the calmness that it gives.The lovebirds have all our attention with their super classy looks. We can feel their sweet love by just staring at their photos and it is such a thrill that they are doing this for life!

Enjoy their civil wedding photos below:



Bride: @sisimofe
Traditional Outfit: @featuring_e.j @legalstitches
Casual outfit: @the.ropabrand
Red dress@zemphanie

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