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Remi and Wole Are Flying on The WIngs of Love! Enjoy Their Pre-wedding Shoot

Sometimes, you could be out and about your daily affairs and love comes along to drop something beautiful in your hands. 😍 Remi can sure relate because it happened this way for her and Wole.

As she scrolled through her Instagram Explore page one fateful day, she came across a photo Wole had posted. She left a simple ‘like’ on the photo and little did she know that this action would plant the seed for a beautiful love journey. What followed was a DM from Wole and eventually a beautiful connection which is now leading them to the Alter.

They are serving us premium beauty with their pre-wedding shoot and we are obsessed. As a pilot, it is only right that Wole infused a bit of that feel into their shoot and we love how it turned out. It is safe to say that these lovebirds are flying on the wings of love!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot below and see their love story here:



Bride: @sisimofe
Planner: @eventsbytoyor
Photography: @mindmazephotography
Makeup: @dyanbeauty__
Traditional Outfit: @featuring_e.j | @legalstitches
Casual outfit: @the.ropabrand
Red dress: @zemphanie

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