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It’s #RoadToMalumi! You’ll Love Renay & Tunwa’s Pre-wedding Shoot

What’s not to love about love? The joy that it brings to the lovers and even those around them, the enveloping warmth and peace and everything else in between, makes love rightly desired!

Today, we’re drooling over the sweetness of love, thanks to Renay and Tunwa. The lovers found joy in each other and decided to take it down forever lane. Of course, we’re so excited for them. Renay and Tunwa have us blushing and taking in the feels of love with their sweet pre-wedding photos. We bet you’ll be doing the same.

Enjoy Renay and Tunwa’s beautiful pre-wedding photos below.



Dress @albinadyla
Makeup @bibyonce
Photography @tosinjoshweddings @tosin_josh

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