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It’s Love in Grenada! Rianna & Nizar’s Romantic Beach Proposal Was Absolutely Magical!

One sweet thing about a surprise proposal is the thoughtfulness that goes into it. When you begin to connect the dots and see how intentional your partner was in putting it all together, is just a whole different feeling. You know without a doubt that you are loved!

Nizar gave Rianna a pleasant surprise during her mum’s birthday dinner. Just when she thought he wasn’t going to be present for the dinner, he showed up and asked her to marry him with a romantic proposal on the beach. With their family and friends present, Rianna said yes to the love of he life with so much joy. We absolutely love thoughtful proposals like this and these lovebirds have totally made our day!

Enjoy their proposal photos and love story below:


Here’s how Nizar popped the question to Rianna:

My family and I were flying to the Caribbean (Grenada where I’m from) to celebrate my mum’s 50th! We had my mum’s all-white “birthday dinner” which was In fact my proposal (hence why I’m wearing a white dress) and a few other events planned. I was gutted that my fiancé wasn’t able to make it. His father passed away the year before so he had plans to fly back to Ghana (where he’s from) to sort a few things and celebrate the one-year remembrance. I totally understood and just prayed that next time, he’ll be able to come back home with me.

Little did I know he had been saving up and a year ago (3rd of November 2022 to be exact) he organised all of his family to come together and booked their flights for Grenada in August 2023 for the surprise proposal. This entire time, I had no clue! I honestly thought I was attending my mother’s birthday dinner but lo and behold it was MY PROPOSAL! It was a dream come true and then some! He bought WiFi on the plane, so it still seemed as if he was at home and woke up at 3 am Grenada time to still be able to send me good morning texts (with the same U.K. – Grenada time difference).  He honestly thought of everything!  He partnered up with some amazing talents in Grenada and gave me the perfect surprise proposal!


Bride-to-be @miss_rki
Groom-to-be @nizarashraff
Photography @dcj_luxuryweddings
Videography @weddingsbysonix
Location @theaquariumgrenada
Decor @deventspotgrenada

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