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Thanks to School Tutorials, Romade & Prodige are On To Forever!

Another day, another love story to melt our hearts! This time, we’re all about Romade and Prodige who met as coursemates while at the University.

Their love went from Prodige helping Romade solve a problem at tutorials to a night-long exciting conversation. This moment set the pace for their sweet love and now, they are on the path of forever. Today, we get to see their pre-wedding photos and we love it! Their beautiful chemistry radiates all over the photos and they are one fine couple we cannot get enough of.  We know you will love their photos as much as we do!

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos below

Their love story as shared by the Romade:

So according to Prodige, the first time we met was sometime in October 2015 but I don’t remember lol. However, I do remember us meeting on the 9th of November 2015. We went to the same university in London and studied the same course (computer science). One day, we were having tutorials and I needed help with what we were working on. Guess who came to “save me” ? Yes him, Prodige. 😂

After helping me, I asked him for his number so we could meet up at the university the next day to study because we had a test coming up. We met the next day but instead of studying, we ended up speaking for hours. He walked me back home, went home and we continued talking over the phone till 8 am the next morning (bear in mind we had a test at 9 am. We aced the test, thank God). Prior to all this, we were in a lecture room one day and he waved in my direction, I had no idea he was waving at me so I looked behind me to see who he was waving at. 😂😂😂


Prodige was very straight to the point about his intentions. He literally filled out two applications to be my “bae”. Two accepted applications later we’re now ready to celebrate #BecomingTheTukalas !!!



Bride: @romade_a
Planner: @2706events
Bridal Stylist: @thewardrobemanager
Groom’s Stylist:@kuartz_
Makeup: @ariyike_mua
Hairstylist: @tea.styles
Pink Dress: @marveeofficial
White Dress: @derinfabikunco
Shoes: @aquazzura
Earrings: @raya.jewellery | @bhldn
Hair: | @quiviehairpage
Suit: @taryorgabriels
Prodige’s white outfit: @taryorgabriels
Groom’s shoes:@Kurtgeiger

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