Rose is Ready for #BecomingMrsH, but First, Her Zambian Bridal Shower

We’ve got a little bit of Zambia for you today.

It’s all about Rose‘s traditional Zambian bridal shower.  The traditional Zambian bridal shower is called ‘Kitchen Parties’ and is always organized by the bride-to-be, her mother, and close female family members. Ladies are invited to contribute towards the building of a new bride’s kitchen.

During this ceremony, the bride-to-be is counseled on how to keep and maintain her home and marriage.  The entire ceremony is packed with fun, laughter, dancing, and various activities designed to enlighten the bride before the marriage starts. So as one of the activities leading up to Rose #BecomingMrsH, she celebrated her kitchen party with her girls and mum. Enjoy!

To see more beautiful bridal shower features, click here.



Bride: @melanin_Monrose
Decor: @simplydivineeventdecor
Photography: @jkfilmmaker

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