Ruby & Onyedika Met During a Church Camp Meeting! Enjoy Their Wedding Photos

They say first impressions last long and we cannot disagree. When Ruby and Onyedika crossed paths during a church camp meeting, they were both attracted to each other’s stunning looks.

Even though their love story didn’t begin instantly, that initial attraction planted a seed that eventually blossomed into their perfect fairytale. Now, these lovebirds are spending the rest of their lives together and we are super pumped. They exchanged their vows in a white wedding ceremony and were surrounded by the warmth of their family and friends. No doubt, Ruby and Onyedika are perfect for each other and we are so happy that they found love.

Enjoy their white wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Ruby:

The first time I saw Chibuzo (I call him his middle name, so everyone who met him through me calls him Chibuzo) was in April 2022 during the Dominion City Easter Camp Meeting. During one of the session breaks, I went with my friend Chika and her family to the hotel room where they were lodged (since it was closer to the venue) to rest a bit before going back for the evening session. I remember them saying that “Stunna” was coming (Chika’s brother-in-law), but I didn’t pay much attention to it, I just wanted to sleep. The next moment, I heard a knock and a young man walked in he greeted everyone in the room and I just said Hi. I didn’t pay much attention to him because we came to worship God so man should be the least of my worries or concerns lol. But I could not help but notice that a very handsome young man came in and the first thought that entered my mind was ‘Dude is fineeeeee’. Little did we know then, that this chance encounter would blossom into a love story written in the stars.

Ruby made such a stunning bride 😍

After that meeting, we started seeing each other more in church and we kept on saying “hi”, and I remember asking my friend Chika if her brother-in-law was seeing anyone and she said “he has not introduced anyone to me” and I remember saying “this your brother in law na hot man o” and we just laughed it off. Mind you, I asked that question out of curiosity and nothing more. We first had a real conversation on the 30th of July 2022 during Chika’s bridal shower. I went to their house quite early and I honestly was not expecting to see him in the sitting room working on his laptop. So like my usual self, I walked in, greeted him and went ahead to gist with my friends in the kitchen while we prepped for the bridal shower. When we were done with cooking, they all went to get ready and we were left alone in the sitting room.

Talk about a lit squad 😍

We started a conversation about house hunting in Lagos and how stressful it was. I also told him how I was lucky to have found one in very little time. At the realization that he actively was house hunting, I offered to send him the phone number of the agent who helped me with mine. We had a very long and beautiful conversation that day before he went in to get ready for the event. After the bridal shower, I got home and I was smitten, I texted my friend that I needed her brother-in-law’s number which she sent almost immediately. I sent him a chat that night, and the rest they say was history lol. We spent every day from that day talking, getting to know ourselves, chatting and our love blossomed. I fell, I fell fast and I fell hard. I remember asking him a question one day “Why have you not told me you love me” he said it was not a word he threw around casually and in my head, I was like better talk fast. I just knew from the first real conversation that he was the one.

Let’s check out the dapper groom!

Their love story as shared by Onyedika:

I was quite excited to meet my family who lived quite a distance away from me and were now in my area due to the church convention. The door opened, and while I was happily greeting everyone, I couldn’t but notice the cute, sleepy stranger in blue laying on the bedside. I said hi and that was it. In that moment though, I remember thinking “Who is this cute stranger”? We would meet again now and then whenever I visited DC Ikeja and say our usual ‘hi’. Never in any of those moments did I think for a second that we would be where we are today. It wasn’t until we had the opportunity to have a proper conversation that I began to see the possibility of us being anything more than palm-wavers in church.

This sweet first-look- moment has us blushing 😍

Time to be joined in holy matrimony 😍

Sealed with a kiss!

Now Mr and Mrs! 😍


It’s reception o’clock! But first, let’s take in the beauty of this outdoor decor 😍

Let’s get the party started!

Cake as sweet as our love 😍

Dancing to the sweet tunes of love! 😍

The second outfit slay we signed up for! 😍

It’s all fun from here!


Bride: @rubyike
Groom: @sforstunna
Planner: @perfectevents_byjane
Photography: @streetically
Videography: @danny_el_films
Makeup: @cheese_glam
Hairstylist: @evansthehairguru
Wedding dress, bouquet and accessories: @bcreationsandbrides
Bridal robe and Bridesmaids robes: @bcreationsandbrides
Groom’s Suit: @charmiexpress
Content creator: @dhatsolange
Decor: @instinctdecor15
Light and effects: @grandeffectsandmultimedia360
DJ: @djskyblisz
MC: @official__granpa
Small chops: @santalia_chops
Catering: @gobychycatering
Rentals: @ornament_events
Location: @nikelakeresortenugu

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