Love In a Pandemic! Enjoy Sefe & Christopher’s Vibrant Edo and Delta-Igbo Trad

We can’t keep calm today and it is all because of Sefe and Christopher’s super sweet love story! While other parts of the world were placed on a halt because of the pandemic, their world was spinning around on the wheels of love. 🥰

They swiped right on a dating app during the pandemic and ended up building the sweet love that they have today. Now, they are sealing this love that they share in the presence of their family and friends and it is such a delight to behold.

Sefe and Christopher had a vibrant traditional wedding ceremony that beautifully showcased their rich Edo and Delta-Igbo cultures respectively. They showed up serving premium regal looks and completely stole our hearts. We can’t get enough of the sweet love and rich display of culture from their wedding photos and you are sure to catch the love fever as you scroll.

Enjoy their traditional wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Sefe:

Ours was a COVID love story. We swiped right during the pandemic and a few months into dating, we both, unfortunately, caught COVID. We ended up quarantining together for three weeks; the rest was history. By the time we made it through those three weeks, we both knew we weren’t going anywhere. Chris proposed during a getaway weekend in San Diego.

A regal glam for the gorgeous bride!

I was so sure the proposal set-up was for someone else that when I saw it, I told him to “get out of the way before you ruin someone’s big moment.” I was so excited to have a front-row seat to witness such a romantic set-up, not having any idea that I was the one on stage. It was a beautiful beginning to what has so far been a challenging yet rewarding journey… a journey we look forward to continuing walking and tackling together.

All set for the big day!

With the favourite girls!

Mama’s little princess 🥰

Let’s check out the dapper groom!

Before the ceremony begins, let’s check out this lovely decor 😍

Let the ceremony begin!

The groom is here!

Is this the bride?

It doesn’t look like it…

Perhaps, here she comes…

Yes! The bride in all her beauty 😍

Time to meet the groom’s family!

Now Mr and Mrs!

Now the groom comes in his traditional attire to take his bride!

Prayers for the couple

One big happy family!

Lovebirds coming through in style and elegance!

They’ve certainly got moves for days! 😍

Time for some fun reception games! 💃🏻

The sweet mother-son dance 🥰

Daddy’s little princess 😍

May we have this first dance? 😍

It’s about to be a lit after-party!

It’s all fun from here!



Makeup: @peaceibadin_mua
Photography: @emmanueloyeleke
Videography: @kolefilms
Decor photography@tobi.lagos
Table Setting: @tashbistro | @foodcrushcatering
Cake: @heladodelicia
Lights & Special effects: @ibiyemiabayomi

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