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An Instagram DM Led to Sharon & Val’s Sweet Love!

Is love cooking something? Then count us in! We’re suckers for all things love and we won’t have it any other way. Today, Sharon and Val are giving us freshly baked goodies of love and we are super giddy!

It all began when a celebrity gave Sharon a birthday shout-out on Instagram. Val followed her after he saw this post but there was no communication between them for a while. Well, this changed after Val sent Sharon an Instagram DM. They got talking and knew that their love for each other had come to stay. Now, the lovebirds have won our hearts with their beautiful pre-wedding photos. They look absolutely dashing in every photo and we bet you won’t want to stop scrolling!

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below.

Their love story as shared by Sharon:

Val and I met on Instagram in 2019. He saw my picture on Josh2funny’s page after Josh had made a post wishing me a happy birthday and that was when he followed me. We didn’t speak for 2 months after he followed me but I was pretty much liking his posts and watching his stories as I was very intrigued by him; especially his relationship with his family.

Unknown to me that he was noticing all the interactions, he set a trap and I fell for it lol! “If she likes my next post, I’ll send her a message!” I innocently liked the post and a few seconds later I saw a DM from him saying “You are quite an inspiring one I must say. Love your page and content. I’m Valentine, nice meeting you!” I got so excited for some reason and typing this I can still remember how I felt. I intentionally took an hour to reply lol.


We started communicating a lot. From day one he was already talking about marriage and even though I wasn’t ready at the time, he was willing to be patient with me and be a friend to me. We officially met for the first time in September of 2019 in Accra Ghana and it just felt right! We weren’t living in the same country but he made sure to see me every three months and not long after, we met both families.

We both used to tell God, “If this is Your will then it will be a smooth journey but if it’s not then help us to learn from this experience.” Grateful to God that it has been a smooth journey so far and we’re looking forward to doing life together!


Bride @sharon.nwosu
Planner @crystalsbycheeevents
Photography @weddingsbytobi | @kenennamoko
Beads/Accessories @tophertonyjewelry
Makeup @officialdavidstarr
Hairstylist @hairbybube_
White dress @misseko
Black dress @zaynabsaphirng
Bride’s traditional Outfit @tessbenjamin_ng

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