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An Answered Prayer! Demilade & JJ’s Love Story Will Make Your Day

Social media has been doing wonders for Cupid and is clearly not relenting anytime soon! Today, we’ve got yet another sweet love story that began in the DMs! Demilade and JJ have us grinning from ear to ear with their love story.

It all began two days after JJ had prayed to find the love of his life. The moment he saw Demilade’s profile, something about her grabbed his attention. He reached out to her afterwards, and thankfully, she responded! Now, here we are, drooling over their beautiful pre-wedding photos as they ride smoothly down forever lane.

Enjoy Demilade and JJ’s love story and pre-wedding photos below.

Their love story as shared by JJ:

I had said specific prayers to God about being sincerely ready to settle down 2 days earlier. And then I saw Demi in all black on a white pair of sneakers. That wasn’t love at first sight but she grabbed my attention immediately. I had become lazy with reaching out first but I did anyway. I am glad I did because what followed is what led us here.

Demi is an answered prayer, I am glad my spirit was attentive and my eyes didn’t miss it. It was later I wondered if she had certain physical attributes I particularly liked. Crazy how this didn’t cross my mind earlier. I went to check and there it was, the Lord prepared a beautiful woman for me alongside the great attributes I had already come to love. I look forward to a beautiful lifetime with Demilade. I took my time but anyone who’s ever met Demi would understand that it’s been a worthy wait.

Here’s Demilade’s side of the story:

It all started with a “ Good morning, you’re so pretty” message from JJ. I was certain it wasn’t him, I thought to myself , “they want to scam me, it won’t work.” But for, whatever reason, I double-checked, and the message was actually from his verified account. I thought to myself what does this man want from me this early in the morning. Why is JJ telling me I’m so pretty? Yes, I know – I’m gorgeous and stunning!

Anyways, I said let me hear him out. “ Good morning, thank you”, I responded. Then it all started, a love story I can’t put into words. A sincere and genuine relationship that I never imagined. JJ, I love you beyond what love entails!



Bride @demilade_omojuwa
Groom @omojuwa
Planner @mimiluxe_events
Photography @tobi.olajolo

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