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This Fulani Bridal Inspo is the Right Serve of Culture Today

No doubt, the Fulani bride is a beautiful work of art. Right from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet, there’s something that makes her stand out.

Today we will be taking in the beauty of this bridal shoot by a team of brilliant wedding vendors that gives us a glimpse into a Fulani bride’s wedding look.  Makeup artist, Shinelx Makeover slayed the look with bold matte red lips and the blue details on the eye area.





Makeup: @shinelxmakeover
Headwrap: @shinelxmakeover
Asooke and beads: @anniesbri66  @officialmaryambooth
Henna: @flott_beauty
Photography: @slgstudios
Location and Decor: @crossthets

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