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Stephanie & Henry Met While Serving The Nation! #TheSHfusion

There have been many beautiful tales about the National Youth Service Corp but our favourites will always be the ones that have to do with love! Today, Stephanie and Henry are filling our love basket to the brim with their beautiful love story and pre-wedding photos.

Stephanie and Henry were serving in the same local government where a “common ground” sparked interest in Stephanie. Though her first “shot” didn’t really go the way she would have intended, Cupid had something sweeter all planned! We bet you want to know all about it – well, keep scrolling to find out.

The lovebirds are now well on their way to forever and we couldn’t be more stoked for them! Their pre-wedding photos are giving us so many butterflies and we simply can’t get enough of how playful and fun it is. Their chemistry is also one to love!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below.

#TheSHfusion love story as shared by the couple:

Stephanie: When Ed Sheeran sang “we were just kids when we fall in love”,  he literally put Henry and I’s photo in the studio for inspiration because we met during NYSC.

Henry: She’s so extra. Were we really kids during youth service?

Stephanie: Hahaha. I first noticed him because we both drove the exact type of car. Except that mine was white and his was black. I was like this love is Fast and Furious: Festac Drift Edition. 😂

Henry: well I first noticed her when she gave a thank you speech on behalf of the Batch C group during NYSC. She was so eloquent but all my mind could focus on was her beautiful smile.

Stephanie: I finally summoned the courage to talk to him when I was ahead of him in the photocopying queue at the Local government office where we did our PPA. They say we lose 100% of the shots not taken. I used that opportunity to ask him if I could use my own space in the queue to help photocopy his own documents. Imagine, I saw a fine boy and lost the entire plot. As a city boy, he said no that he does not believe in cutting queues. After that, I told myself shooting your shot and Nigerian men do not go hand in hand. So I freed him. After all, I am also a premium pie.

Henry: I can’t remember this part of the story oh. But I guess even in my subconscious, I am a model Nigerian citizen. Hahahaha

Stephanie: As I said, it was NYSC. So, I was learning how to drive at this point. One day, I arrived late to work and there was no space to park, just one tiny space and obviously, I couldn’t parallel park. My boss was calling me because I needed to get some work done before the team could go out and generate revenue. I just sat in the car, frozen, all the cars were honking loudly. I was trying but couldn’t fit into the tiny parking space. I was in AC but was sweating. The Mary kay on my face started melting. I almost started crying. That’s how this man arrived oh, Festac superman to the rescue. He jumped out of his black shiny car as if it was the Bat Mobil and said, “So you can’t park? Don’t worry, I got you”. After he helped me parallel park, he asked me if he could teach me how to drive. Obviously, I was still giving attitude because I already shot my shot some days back.

Henry: You need to see her face when she was trying to park. 😂 I was like, “how this girl take pass driving test?” Anyways, I offered to help her park and then took her to the station to fill her tank because I noticed her tank was empty while parking (I wonder if she knew what the sign meant). After our gas station conversation, we went out for lunch.


Stephanie: My favourite thing about Henry is how he rides for me. Every time. I remember I wanted to learn makeup. He would go to Oxford circus and buy makeup for me. He knows the difference between concealer and foundation. I wanted to enter the Farafina writing competition, he got his friend to edit my work so that I could be selected among the participants. I see how he rides for family – my sisters, especially which is very important to me. He’s so loyal, patient and funny. It also helps that he drives like he’s acting fast and furious which is really key to avoiding traffic in Lagos. I know people say they are with their best friend, he’s my actual best friend and if he was a twin, I would still pick him.

Henry: Stephanie is beautiful, witty, intelligent and full of life. She brightens up my day and I admire her emotional intelligence. She’s also prayerful which is key for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better companion, friend, partner and lover.



Bride-to-be: @theaugustmodel
Groom-to-be: @niftyhenry
Planner: @six26events
Makeup: @glambykenny_
Photography: @awgzzz  

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