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Teni & Seyi Found Love while Getting their Masters Degree in Birmingham

When you meet the love of your life while earning your degree.

For Teni and Seyi, their love started from Birmingham and now here they are counting down to their big day. The #MADEINBIRM2020 couple met a friend’s birthday dinner then ran into each other the next day at a get-together and that kicked off something special between them.

The bride-to-be, Teni shared how it all started and their proposal story, so read all about it below:




Here’s how it all started according to Teni:

Seyi and I met in April 2014 in Birmingham while doing our masters.  A friend had invited me for her boyfriend’s birthday dinner and apparently the celebrant was coursemates and friends with Seyi. Seyi sat not too far away from me and the small talk started. It started off with us talking about school, NYSC and our respective degrees over wine and Chinese food – nothing too serious.

The following day, I went for yet another get-together and I ran into Seyi again-you’d think someone was stalking the other, lol. Anyways, we exchanged numbers and we started talking a lot, our small talk developed into all talk and we started hanging out a lot, (if you know what I mean). I eventually returned to Nigeria after my masters in 2015 so we kept it long distance. He didn’t return until April 2017, that’s why April is a special month for us. It also happens to be my birth month.

Fast forward to April 2019 on my birthday, at yet another Chinese restaurant, what was supposed to be a quick dinner or so I thought turned out to be the day. Before I was settled in looked back and looked forward, it was all cakes, fireworks and Seyi on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him and it was probably the easiest yes I’ve ever said.






Groom-to-be: @oluwaseyifunmi_
Photography: @awgz.married @awgzzz
Makeup: @mosewabeauty_
Planner: @roc_events

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