See The Beauty of Love and Culture Through The Lens of Tessa & Tarhe’s Yoruba-Urhobo Trad!

Everything about love is so beautiful… especially when seen through the lens of culture.  Tessa and Tarhe’s tied the knot in a vibrant traditional wedding, giving us so much beauty to drool over.

It was such a delight seeing them infuse their Yoruba and Urhobo roots in a unique way on their big day. They both stepped out serving regal looks in their traditional attires, complementing each other in every way. They went ahead to carry out the traditional rites after which they were joined as husband and wife.  The dancing, laughter and excitement that filled he room was just so beautiful to see. Tessa and Tarhe’s wedding was a true display of love and culture and their wedding video will certainly make your day.

Enjoy their wedding video below:

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