A Mutual Friend Did The Matchmaking – Now It’s The #TMxperience!

What is the most beautiful thing that shows up in places where you least expect? If your answer is love, then you are correct! When Miriam’s elder sister convinced her to move to a new city, we bet she did not expect meeting the love of her life, Tony.

He asked her to marry him after a mutual friend played cupid and what Miriam thought was a joke ended up leading to the beautiful #TMxperience! They sealed their love in spectacular white wedding ceremony with their friend and family present. From their glamorous looks to the stunning decor, these lovebirds left no stone unturned in making their wedding a beautiful one. They make such a perfect pair and we are so happy that love found Miriam and Tony!

Enjoy their white wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Miriam:

In the year 2017 during my Law school internship, my elder Sister wanted me to stay with her in Port Harcourt but the fear of failing Law school gripped me because I was sure I will be carried away with fun and gist and won’t utilize my time. So I promised her I will be coming to Port Harcourt for my service year. After camping in Bauchi State, I got redeployed and was posted to Port Harcourt. Being a new chic in Port Harcourt, one cool Wednesday Afternoon in 2018, I was bored at home and pleaded with my elder sister to take a stroll with me to the supermarket.

Miriam in all her beauty 😍

There I met Nonye and in the course of having a conversation, we understood that we were both running our NYSC program. After purchasing the items, my elder insisted I get Nonye’s contact at least to have a friend since I’m new to Port Harcourt. I bought the idea and we exchanged contacts. Two days later, Nonye chatted me up and we had a long conversation. She mentioned her friend(Tony) would like me to meet me. I was reluctant and she went on insisting I give it a try. A few months later I started chatting with Nonye’s friend (Tony) and after the hurdles of trying to get me to sit out with him, I finally agreed to meet him after some months. The first outing was fun and the whole conversation went smoothly.

A super stunning squad 😍

After some months in 2018, we lost communication. Then one faithful day, I was in a taxi on my way to work, but stuck in traffic then looking at my right side, I spotted Tony riding next to my taxi also stuck in traffic. Before I could look away, our eyes met and we started laughing. Unfortunately, the traffic light came up and we drove our separate ways. Before I got to work his messages started popping in and we connected again. We lost touch again up until 2020 when I posted on my WhatsApp status about my Mum’s death. He chatted me up and sympathized with me. Throughout 2020 he kept checking on me. In 2021, we got closer and started understanding ourselves better.

All set for the big day!

I got to understand that Tony is calm, humble, an introvert and a workaholic and I respected that. In January, 2022, he called to wish me a happy new year and in between the conversation I told him Nonye is getting married and I’m one for her Bridesmaids. He jokely said your friend is getting married and you have refused to marry me. I brushed off the conversation because I thought it was one of his usual jokes but for 3mins on he kept asking “will you marry me” without changing the topic and I asked “Wait! are you serious” he said yes and I laughed and I told him when we return from the festive period, we can talk better about it. In 2022, he told me about his mum’s birthday in Abuja and wanted me to go with him. At this point, I took him more seriously and after his mum’s birthday, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted. This birthed our sweet journey to forever.

Let’s check out the dapper groom

Time to be joined in holy matrimony

Signed and sealed!

Can’t get enough of these lovebirds 😍

Time for a lit reception!

Let’s have some fun reception games

Dancing into happy ever after 😍

What’s a ceremony without cake?

The second outfit slay we signed up for

It’s a fun after-party

Here’s to happy ever after!



Bride @mimii_oma
Groom @anthonyanyabolu
Planner @oraventss
Makeup @alrosalartistry
Hairstylist @zhihairspa
Photography @zealsphotography
Venue designer @ixorareception
Venue ambience @beelitelimited
Effect @dadimeffects
MC @mc_nomicable
Wedding dress @vivinollywood_bridal
Second dress @satine_couture
Groom’s Suit @loucheclothiers
Afterparty dress @satine_couture
Bouquet @all_bellaz
Earrings @radiance_glamjewels
Cake @dripplescakes
Bridal robe @chenstitches
Cocktail/Milkshake @ensanadacocktails
Ushers @regishostesses
Bouncers @petrezguards
Catering @ticokitchen
360 camera @artfulmedia_
Venue @lakingseventdome

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