Enjoy Heart-Warming Moments From Tolulope & Leon’s White Wedding

Love is patient, love is kind, and most importantly, love is beautiful. When you find the person who makes you happy, you know you will do anything to keep that person by your side.

Tolulope and Leon have remained soulmates over the years and today, we watch as they seal their forever promise in the presence of loved ones. Tolulope looked graceful in her lovely dress and Leon made a happy, suave groom. They had an outdoor white wedding with the most peaceful green scenery. Their heartfelt vows are tear-jerking.

Their white wedding was followed by a fun wedding reception. There was no age limit to the dance floor because everyone came through stepping. You should also look out for the hilarious bouquet tussle. Tolulope and Leon’s wedding video is one you don’t want to miss.

Enjoy their beautiful wedding video below.



Videography: @dannykstudios

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