Toni Reluctantly Attended an Event and Found Her Sweetheart, Pekun!

An African adage says, “What an elder can see while sitting down, the youth might not see even while standing up.” Toni and Pekun’s sweet love story reveals this powerful foresight which elders possess.

Toni’s mum was very instrumental in this beautiful fairytale. She persuaded her to attend a family function and as fate would have it, Toni reconnected with Pekun and their journey to forever began! Now, they tied the knot in a traditional wedding ceremony where they repped their Yoruba roots with such elegance. They rocked their glamorous outfit back-to-back and are definitely getting our stylish couple badge. From the display of rich culture to their charming love, the lovebirds will definitely make you smile as you scroll.

Enjoy their traditional wedding photos below and see their pre-wedding shoot here:

Their love story as shared by Toni:

I saw Pyzzle sometime in October/ November at a party with some mutual friends. I just saw him at a glance across the room, and I asked my friend Reni who he was and she said his name is Pyzzle, but he has a girlfriend. And I was like okay and that was the end. Fast Forward to January, Reni and I went to a Celebration of Life which I didn’t want to attend. However, my mum persuaded me last minute and I made my outfits a day before. We got to the party and we were just doing our thing.  Then he came over to say Hello to Reni then he just walked passed and said HI to me. The rest they say is history.

Toni looked absolutely radiant! 😍

The whole squad came serving beauty!

Pekun made a super suave groom!

  Here for the love and elegance!

Time to tie the knot the Yoruba trad way!

Give way for the gorgeous bride!

Time to meet the groom’s family!

Toni came with a befitting fila for her sweetheart!

Now joined together for life!


The second outfit slay we signed up for!


It’s about to be a lit reception!

The sweet mother-son dance

Daddy’s little princess 😍

Dancing to the sweet tunes of love!

It’s after party o’clock!

It’s all fun from here!


Bride: @toni.eso
Groom @pyzzle27
Planner: @theluxehospitality
Photography: @damimanuels
Videography: @fdomingofilms
Backdrop: @zenbackdrops

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