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Tosin and Dayo’s Love Story will Make You Feel All Mushy Mushy

We are so happy to have Tosin and Dayo‘s love story plus their pre-wedding shoot on BellaNaija Weddings today.

So, let’s see all the beauty from the shoot plus their love story from the bride, Tosin.

Their story is so relatable and beautiful.

14th of October 2017, started off really stressful, I had spent 1 hour 35 minutes with some council guys for hitting the one way. I parked my car and jumped 2 okadas to find the printer my friend recommended for me in Shomolu. I finally found the guy and he wasn’t making my day any easier as he was being ridiculous with his pricing.

And then this dark and scruffy bearded guy strolled in. Apparently, he was also trying to get some printing done and unsolicitedly interfered in my conversation with the printer guy. At first, I was furious like ‘Ta lo pe eleyi soro’ (who added this one’s mouth in our conversation) I didn’t know he was trying to help ?. He got a better pricing for me, we exchanged cards and parted ways.

Two days later, he called and was all cocky in our first conversation. I was just thinking in my head ‘who is this one’. He called again later that day and that conversation lasted for about 3 hours. This went on repeatedly for the next few days. We soon found out we shared common interests.

He asked that we meet again and we agreed to see on 17th. However, my day didn’t go as planned and I had to take my car to my mechanic’s (workshop). I was tired and looking super dead, he called and I asked that we reschedule but he insisted on coming to meet me at my mechanic’s place. He got there, and that’s how our first official date was in my car with a non-functional air conditioner. We got talking and in the middle of our conversation, he said ‘I’m not looking for a girlfriend, I want to marry you’ (in my head I was like, is this one ok, you haven’t even seen girlfriend you are talking wife).

He kept insisting that I am what he has been looking for and told me to join him in the relationship when I am ready. Lol. We finally got dating and two months in, he officially asked that I marry him. Exactly one year after we met, we are here… taking on forever with the best guy. #TodayNalways18 .

Bride: @raych_a 

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    November 15, 2018 at 2:16 PM

    this one made me laugh mad… lmaoooo. cutest love story ever!! i hope they have a fruiful and blessed long lasting marriage! xx 🙂

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    October 25, 2018 at 5:29 AM

    Lmaooo I’m laughing so hard at her Yorùbá comments cos that’s so me!!!

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