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Loveth & Ugo’s Love Story Is Ultimate Rom-com Material! + We Def ❤ Their Pre-wedding Photos

Proposals coupled with love stories are always a thrill, and this one is no exception. We’re in awe of all the mushiness that Loveth & Ugo have brought our way!

The lovebirds went on their first date after a year of being friends. And what happens next can best be described with a symphony playing in the background. It was a beautiful connection of two hearts, progressively merging into one. Ugo proceeded to pop the big question after years of a blissful relationship, and Loveth said YES! Now how well do you love romance novels? Well, get ready to read through a mind swooning one. Except that this time, it’s not fiction. It’s our groom-to-be, Ugo, giving us the full Nora Robert experience as he shares their story. It’s like reading a great book and seeing it play out in a movie at the same time.

As you scroll through the love story and heartwarming photos, grab your popcorn, and get ready to be blown away!

Their Love story as Ugo Tells It

Loveth and Ugo’s love story is like a super  sweet rom-com. Complete with sound track and rain scenes. She’s a beauty queen with a heart of gold. And he is her guardian angel on earth and together they’re so much more.
They met on a mild weathered Lagos evening, after talking as friends for almost a year. He had a good feeling that beneath the bling lay a beautiful soul. While she thought he was a breath of fresh air from the advancements she was used to.
This love story started long before the first date that sealed the deal. But on this day, she walked up the incline at NOK by Alara as he waited at the top with a smile. That walk looked like something from a runway. Hair flowing in the wind complemented by the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. What followed was a warm embrace, which still feels the same to this day.
Fast forward through the years and the makings of a true love story. The first kiss beneath the stars, long evening strolls coupled with Netflix and chill date nights, the dreaded 6th month, the infamous “break” and long conversations both happy and not so happy ones. It was always going to be her, for him and no one was him, for her.
He proposed at a private beach beneath the stars just how it all started, the setup was a beach shoot. She had no idea he was going to propose. Then she turned around and found him on one knee with a ring in his hand.
And the love story continues…


Photography: @awgzzz @awgz.married
Videography: @otusally
Wedding planners: @tessallureevents

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    December 6, 2020 at 3:18 PM

    Their love story is soooo beautiful and well written. Definitely different from other love stories.

  • Reply
    December 6, 2020 at 3:18 PM

    Their love story is soooo beautiful and well written. Definitely different from other love stories.

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