When Your Mom Doubles as Your Hypeman! Gotta Love this Video of This Bride & Her Mom ?

Undoubtedly, moms remain our biggest fans and supporters. Celebrating mothers can never be too much because they really are the emblems of support. ?

We def can’t deny how much mothers go all out for their children and for this bride, her big day was definitely not an exception! Getting married to the love of her life traditionally, this beautiful bride made her entrance into the ceremony in style. Now, her mom was there with all the moral support and ginger. As the bride danced so gracefully, her mom came through with the ginger. Giving her all the hype and energy as she happily danced her way into “happy ever after”. This mother of the bride is a whole mood and we just can’t help but love her. This video of the bride and mom digging it on the dance floor is just so beautiful. The joy is just simply pure and unadulterated.

Watch the video below. ?


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