We Absolutely Love a Dancing Bride & Ophelia is Giving Us More Reason To!

They say happy brides are the prettiest and we most certainly agree!
The happiness that comes with getting married to your prince charming is on a whole different level. The beauty of this is how it reflects all round! All the things you love to do, you’re more than hyped to do them. Like this beautiful bride, Ophelia.

Ophelia tied the knot with her sweetheart and her joy was simply undeniable! We can’t help but love how she brought it all to the dancefloor. As she made her entrance into the ceremony with her beautiful #AsoebiBella ladies, the place lit up. Moving smoothly to the rhythm, Ophelia gave us steps after steps. We should def be taking dance lessons from her. Everything about the video just makes us so excited and it’s def going to make your day as well! So, watch the video below and catch the happiness bug from our beautiful dancing bride! ?


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