Oh, The Joy of Motherhood! This Wedding Video Will Make You Laugh & Cry at the Same Time

There are many emotional and sweet moments in a mother’s life. Right from the birth of her baby and every single milestone as the child grows. The love of a mother is simply incomparable. One very big moment is when her baby finally goes on to start his/her own family.

This mother’s speech at her daughter, Eva‘s wedding as well as her daughter’s speech will have you laughing and dabbing on your tissue at the same time. From Mummy’s funny speech about the groom to the lovely bride, Eva’s speech about her mom. This wholesome video just exudes the essence and joy of a mother’s love. We’ve also got to talk about Eva’s mom’s fondness for her son-in-law. It’s always such a beautiful thing marrying into a family where you are loved and appreciated.


We’ve used up all our tissues or we would offer you some – because we bet this video will get you teary-eyed! You should totally check out the video below. We’re certain you’d be watching it more than once!



Featured Image: @memories4uweddings

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