This Groom Serenading His Bride at Their Reception Will Make You Blush!

Love is such a sweet feeling. It will have you smiling to yourself, going above and beyond for the one who makes your heart beat and doing the sweetest things like serenading your lover!

This couple had just exchanged their vows in a beautiful white wedding ceremony and proceeded to celebrate with a grand reception. In resonance with the amazing feeling of marrying the love of your life, this groom decided to express it by serenading his bride to a sweet love song. Filling the air with his melodious rendition of K-Ci & Jojo’s “All my life”, his bride was definitely not the only one blushing. Even beyond the song, the love in both their eyes, the chemistry as she held on tight to her man and the smiles that covered both their faces have us deep in our feelings. Here’s one thing you should note – you will find yourself watching this video over and again and smiling harder for each time that you do! You can also catch more beautiful trending wedding videos here.

Enjoy the video below:

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