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Nneka & Thomas Didn’t Meet on the Nicest Note, But Now It’s #TheNTlove!

When it comes to love, nothing is ever really off the table. They say the first impression matters a lot, and it does. However, with love, even the outcomes of first impressions cannot be totally predicted. Wondering what we mean? Well, Nneka and Thomas are about to shed more light. 🤭

When Nneka met her sweetheart, Thomas for the first time, he wasn’t exactly a sweetheart to her. But then, Thomas would later make up for it in more ways than one. Now here they are, over a decade after that not-so-pleasant first meet, ready to take on life together forever. Nneka gives us all the scoop on how they met and how their love began. As you take in all the beauty of their beautiful pre-wedding shoot, you can also enjoy the love story as shared by Nneka. The love birds are simply giving us many reasons to smile with their loved-up photos and we can’t help but be excited for them!

Enjoy their beautiful pre-wedding photos and love story below.

Their love story as told by Nneka:

I met Thomas in August 2010. It was my first day in college at The American University of Nigeria, Adamawa. I was having lunch when he walked into the cafeteria.

He legit walked past me, said hello to everyone on the table but me. A couple of minutes passed before he looked my way and asked, “And you, what’s your name?” Damn! I was mad out of my mind like who the hell is this one.

Somehow, against my better judgment, I smiled and didn’t respond. I continued eating like nobody said anything. Lol. That same night he came looking for me at a friend’s house, and from there onward, we became inseparable.

Thomas is very patient, considerate, calm, soft-spoken, respectful, and most importantly, his love for God is something I admire most about him. He is quick to say, “babe, let’s pray. Oya, let’s speak in tongues.”

We have been through it all and grown through it all. God has been very faithful to us. I asked God for a man who will bring me closer to him, and God graciously answered my prayers.

It’s been ten years + of God’s faithfulness. I am so blessed to be spending forever with my best friend, better still, my soulmate. I remember when he proposed, lol. My response to his “will you marry me?” was, “before nko! Lol”



Photography: @awwgzmarried
Makeup: @tolabanks
Hairstylist: @missyhair
Outfits: @flat17studio
Planner: @tessallureevents  

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