This Couple’s First Dance Will Get You in The “Aww” Zone!

If you’ve ever attended a military wedding, then you know how beautifully ceremonial it can get. Now, when the couple goes on to add their own extra spice, then, of course, you can simply equate it to magical.

This Ghanaian couple tied the knot in a sweet military wedding and it came with all of its beauties. Time for the first dance and this couple threw in the magic sauce! Surrounded by handsome men in uniform, doing routine moves, they took their first dance and we just can’t stop smiling. The kiss was certainly the Midas touch that sent us straight into “Aww heaven” and we don’t want to come down! 😅 This video will have you smiling from ear to ear as you admire the beautiful newly married couple and all the sweetness of love. You can also catch more trending wedding videos like this, here.

Enjoy the video below.

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