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3 Solid Take-home Points from Tunde Omotoye on “Relocating With Your Better Half” at the #NewlyNearly Virtual Gathering

The NewlyNearly Virtual Gathering by Golden Penny and BellaNaija Weddings was indeed a wonderful one. We’re trusting that you didn’t miss out on it?

So, let us first say a big thank you for taking out the time to be a part of this magic that was the #NewlyNearly virtual gathering. If you didn’t join in, that’s still okay – there’s always more magic to create. For the virtual gathering, our speakers really came with their best foot forward and we’d be sharing the highlights with you. PS: They didn’t just come with words, they also came bearing gifts! Keep scrolling to find out what it is.

Now, we know immigration is one thing that is quite commonplace especially in our society today. So, we decided to invite the ace Tunde Omotoye of Human Squad CA, to talk on “Immigrating With Your Better Half” for all who are thinking about immigrating with the love of their life.  It was truly insightful as he shared very important tips. He also left you a digital gift, you should totally click HERE to get it.

We’ve got these 3 salient quotes from his session to share with you.

If you’re considering moving to Canada, then you definitely need this;

“Thinking of moving to Canada? You should try:
Express entry
Family class
Study permit”

Wondering what it takes to relocate? Check this;

“Relocation takes a lot of planning, prayer and preparedness.”

Now, when it comes to the very basics of what you need to do before you relocate… Tunde had this to say;

“Before relocating, do your research. Use Google, the immigration website of the country you eant to relocate to, and also join webinars focused on the country you’re looking at.”

When it comes to immigrating, you have to be fully prepared and make sure to do your homework (proper research).

Tunde has a special digital gift for you! If you missed his session, then you absolutely need to read get it. Click HERE for the gift!

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