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Uche and Nnamdi Went from Seat Partners to Life Partners!

There are a couple of places where we just don’t expect to find love. But as we like to say, love doesn’t care about these limits that we try to create for it. Love simply remains love – beautiful and free, with no boundaries or conditions!

Uche and Nnamdi are reminding us of how beautiful and limitless love can be. The sweethearts met in an exam hall! You can picture the pressure that comes with writing a professional exam. Well, that def didn’t stop Nnamdi from making his move and now years later, its forever to go! We can’t stop loving their pre-wedding photos. Their friendship and chemistry is just so beautiful to see and they’ve got us rooting for them. How playful and in sync they are will get you all mushy on the inside.

Check out their lovely photos below and read their full love story according to Nnamdi.

Their Love story as Nnamdi shares it:

We met during one of the professional ICAN diet exams in 2017. I walked into the exam hall in a hurry, wearing an orange shirt, flying my collar and carrying bottled water and writing materials. I was in no mood for pleasantries and just wanted to finish this exam. Just about the start of the exam, I sat down and realized I had forgotten my wristwatch while rushing out of the house.

Thank God I had a seat partner, and she had a wrist-watch. Few minutes before the start of the exam, I asked if she will be willing to put her watch in the middle for us to share during the exam. Timing is never enough while writing such exams. I didn’t want to fail because of poor time planning. Luckily, she agreed.

I was attracted to her Immediately. But I was here to write an exam. Thus, after the exam, I told myself that I might never see this babe again, and I better find a way to get her number. We are not allowed to write on question papers, no phones are allowed in the exam hall either. So immediately after the exams, I thanked her for the wristwatch and had a very brief chat in the exam hall. All these happened while waiting for the ICAN invigilators to tell us to leave.

My heart was beating fast, but, I asked myself, “what is the worst thing that can happen?” She would probably say no or give me the wrong number. So I shot my shot (lol) and told her to scribble her number on my question paper, which she did. I was excited, we said our goodbyes and left the exam hall.

So, when I got home, I called the number and it went through, I was so excited. We started talking and most times, for hours in the middle of the night. We shared family stories, pictures, ideas etc. To summarize the story, I thank God that I wrote ICAN exams, even though I am from an Engineering background. Now, I’m making her my life partner. There are no regrets whatsoever.



Bride: @egwuatuuche
Planner: @flutesnflowersevents

Makeup: @b.e.a.u.t.i.f.i.e.d
Hair: @hairbytesanah
Photography: @swale_photography
Outfit: @chels.couture
Styling: @themodasprime

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