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Church Elders Set Udochukwu & Henry Up For Love! Now, Let’s Enjoy Their Pre-wedding Photos

They say elders have eyes for details and we couldn’t agree less. For Udochukwu and Henry, some elders in the church knew that they would make a perfect pair and decided to set them up for love!

It all began when they sent Henry a photo of Udochukwu which left him lovestruck 😂. This led to phone calls and eventually a sweet first date! Today, these lovebirds are making us do our happy dance as they bless us with their stunning pre-wedding photos. They’re all shades of cute and you can tell these two have a special bond. You won’t want to stop staring as you scroll.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below

Their love story as shared by Udochukwu

Henry and I kicked off in the most unexpected way. We attended the same church in Nottingham but we didn’t notice each other. Months after he moved out of the city – you know the typical ‘Nigerian-Elderly-People-Connection’ – we got our share of it. Afterwards, the absolutely unsolicited and unexpected happened 😂.

He went on with their flow for ‘respect’ as he was certain nothing would come out of it as usual. Not until they sent him a picture of me, and he was ‘STRUCK’ 😂❤. He went on to call the church Pastor to ask for my direct mobile, only then was I officially informed. I consented to them sharing my contact out of courtesy. Then they sent me his pictures and he was a FINEE man, I’d thought 👩‍🦯.

Afterwards, he called and we spoke on phone for a few weeks and we decided to meet. I’d like to say he was even more struck at first sight 😂😂 though he’d say I was BLOWN at the sight of him 😂. Needless to say, we clicked on all levels and became part of each other’s lives! From a big hug at the train station where we saw for the first time to a billion more till eternity!


Bride: @udochukwu_umeh
Groom: @henriduru

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