Ugo & Ejike Met at a Halloween Party and Now, It’s Happy Ever After!

“Of all the times I’ve been to a party actually dressed to impress, I ended up finding the love of my life while dressed as a children’s book character.” These words from Ugo on how she met her soulmate, Ejike further proves that love is not about what the eyes see but what the heart sees. 😍

Their beautiful love journey began at a Halloween-themed party and while Ugo felt that her costume was quite underwhelming, that didn’t stop Ejike from noticing how beautiful she looked. A short conversation, playful tease and a phone number exchange later, these two are now on their forever journey! They exchanged their vows in a lovely outdoor wedding and we can’t help but drool. Ugo made such an elegant bride in her chic dress and Ejike was a dapper groom. They were surrounded by family and loved ones and the love was so evident. This pair has made our day with their photos and we bet you’ll love them as much as we do!

Enjoy their wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Ugo:

It was the night of a Halloween-themed rooftop event in New York City in October 2017. My best friend and I were dressed in Dr Seuss’ “Thing 1 and Thing 2” costumes. We decided to go out to eat at a restaurant in the City. After a splendid meal, we decided to go to a party at 760 Rooftop which was a few blocks away from the restaurant. We entered the party and everyone was dressed in their fashionably sexy costumes, and there we were, dressed as Dr Seuss characters (lol).

Ugo in all her beauty!

It was American music night, so I didn’t even think I will meet a Nigerian. He in turn was there for his close friend’s birthday celebration. I was walking past and all of a sudden felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there he was, bright-eyed and smiling. He asked for my name and was surprised to hear I was Igbo. He told me he was from Awka, and I asked with such excitement, “You’re from Anambra too?”

All set for the big day! 😍

We talked for a bit and before parting ways, I jokingly wiggled and pointed at my ring finger. He chuckled. We exchanged numbers, and the rest is history. To this day, we continue to joke that of all the times I’ve been to a party actually dressed to impress, I ended up finding the love of my life while dressed as a children’s book character. LOL! Fun Fact: The rooftop where we met closed down a few months later, which made us believe that they were waiting on us to meet before shutting its doors. Such is destiny.

Such a dapper groom!

When the squad is a lit squad

The lovebirds serving pure elegance 😍

Here comes the gorgeous bride 😍

Time to be joined in holy matrimony

Now Mr and Mrs!

It’s wedding reception o’clock!

Let the fun begin!

The second outfit slay we signed up for!

Together forever!


Bride: @prettyugo
Groom: @a.g.k_obi
Wedding Planner: @fleurocassions
Bride’s Makeup: @worldofcharlotte
Bride’s dress: @elan_clothiers
Bridal hair installation: @majezticstylez
Bridal hairstylist: @hairbyyetty_
Groom’s stylist: @kuartz_
Photography: @aristaimagery
DJ: @djfreshyk
MC: @henry_asuzu
Saxophonist: @connellthompsonsax
Decor: @eventsyoly
Flowers: @columbia_florist
Cake: @contis_pastry_shoppe
Catering: @mariamskitchennyc | @auntyagiskitchen
Floor wrap: @royalbackdrops
Venue: @thesurfclubonthesound

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