Vivien & Banji’s Traditional Wedding in Isi-Uzo was EVERYTHING


We made a promise to deliver rich and beautiful tradition and culture on BellaNaija Weddings and we can say we are steady delivering!

One of the hashtags for Vivien and Banji‘s is the perfect way to introduce this feature – #TheFabLoveStory is a visual delight.

We love how each element of their day reflected the beauty of their cultures- the Yoruba and Igbo cultures in every way. The ceremony, of course, started with the Igbo traditional wedding customs of the bride at her residence in Isi Uzo, Enugu. Then the groom’s Yoruba culture was also celebrated when the couple changed into their Asooke outfit. Right from the cake to the decor, everything was just so regal and beautiful.

We just don’t have their traditional photos but we got their love story from the bride, Vivien, keep scrolling to read it. When you are done, you should see their white wedding too.

Here’s how it all started according to the bride, Vivien:

We met in 2017 when I came to Abuja for my National Youth Service. We were attending the same church. I was the new girl in church and so after church, a lot of people usually came up to me to exchange pleasantries and banter. For some reason, this upset him. He felt like the guys in the church were fawning over me and so he made up his mind to be the one person who wouldn’t give me any form of attention (I know he liked me already that’s why he was annoyed ?).


He was in the media department and took pictures during church service so I definitely noticed him. I remember noticing his height and how he dresses well, but it wasn’t anything more than that because I was in the middle of a messy situation, relationship-wise, and wasn’t looking to go into anything serious at the time. I needed a break. Well, his cousin liked my best friend, then, and so invited us for his birthday hangout.


Banji was also at the hangout and we sat beside each other, that was when we hit it off. We talked all night and it felt like old friends reconnecting. Like we’ve known each other for years. All these happened on a Sunday evening, he was so enthralled by my awesomeness that he made time to see me every single day the rest of that week. Fast forward to three years, he proposed some days before his birthday and it was the sweetest gesture ever. I’m the hardest person to surprise but he somehow found a way to make sure I never saw it coming. Now exactly one year and one day after, we got married traditionally.


Second look…



Time for the palm wine carrying ceremony…

Now time to take on the Yoruba culture…





Bride: @__abeena
Groom: @fabolousbanji
Photography: @lucasugoweddings
Makeup: @artistrybyrue
Hair : @hairbygucchie
Outfit: @knanfe
Decor: @whitemagicnig
Beads & Horsetail: @tophertonyjewelry
Videography: @grandepicfilms
Gele: @ttgele_
Groom’s red cap: @godsgiftbeads
Asooke fabric: @marandmorfabrics
Embellishment for Asooke: @fabrics_by_maciscas
Groom’s Feni fabric: @fenicoshop
Bride’s George: @lekrystal_georgeplace
Bride’s Outfits Tailoring: @knanfe
Bride’s First Outfit: @xowcouture
Groom’s First Outfit: @wearpriest
Groom’s Asooke Tailoring : @baldonclothiers
Bride’s Shoe: @lushpengstores
Bride’s Jewelry: @bhe_accessories
Bride’s Fan: @bezaleel_tejiri
Cake: @sweettemptationsng
DJ: @djsaintwillsofficial

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