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The #WDunion23 Began When a Mutual Friend Played Cupid 6 Years Ago!

Sometimes, love just brings someone your way with whom you connect with on a whole different level. Waleola and Dotun  were brought together by fate through a mutual friend, six years ago.

Theirs was a bond forged in friendship, commitment and support – So when Dotun asked Waleola to marry him, it was an easy ‘Yes!’ Now, they are about to write another beautiful chapter in their love story called ‘Happy Ever After.’ Their pre-wedding shoot is just so stunning and we are so obsessed with these lovebirds. Their stylish looks and sweet show of love in each frame will have you drooling non-stop.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Waleola:

In 2017, Dotun and I were brought together by fate through a mutual friend and discovered that we shared the same university and birthday month. As I relocated to the United States, Dotun became my unwavering source of support, encouraging my dreams and aspirations. Our connection deepened, and in 2018, we officially embarked on our romantic journey, facing life’s challenges hand in hand.

During our first vacation together, amidst breathtaking landscapes, our love flourished, and we created cherished memories. Dotun’s gestures of commitment, such as asking for my ring size in 2021, hinted at a deeper future together. On September 30, 2022, he took the step and asked me to marry him, a profound moment that overflowed with tears of joy and laughter.

Our souls found their eternal home in each other, transcending time and distance. With unwavering devotion and a belief in destiny, we begin a new chapter filled with love, compassion, and a dedication to nurturing our connection. This wedding is a celebration of our intertwined souls and the infinite love we share, promising a future guided by the beauty of our commitment.


Bride: @me_liish
Makeup: @leemahmakeover
Hair: @lolahs__place
Black dress: @_stitchesbyaisy_
White outfit: @ciscacecilrtw
Suit: @bankolethomasofficial
Planner: @lillyfluer
Photography @C3pictures_gallery

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