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Here’s What you Get When Your Bridal Hairstyle is Inspired by The Waves of the Ocean

Following the trend for the year, we have been seeing lots of creative looks and hair updos that represent the bride’s style or something very special to them. Some brides are letting go of the big bun and switching up their look to a wavy wrap.

Now imagine completing this unique hairstyle with a nude glam and a little bit of colour on the eye. It kinda gives that vintage but very modern look and it no doubt will bring that edge to the overall bridal look.

Bridal hairstylist, Tobbies Touch gives the inspiration behind this hairstyle:

In setting the bridal trend for the year, we created the wave formation up do. The hairstyle is a soft wavy hair updo inspired by the ocean precisely the waves.



Photography: @34sndpictures

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