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This Effortless Glam is Perfect For The Igbo Bride-to-be!

One thing we love about traditional weddings is how it brings out the beauty in culture and what more beautiful way to express this than through the lens of fashion?

It is no doubt that the Igbo traditional wedding comes with its unique style. The bridal look, hairstyle, accessories, and outfit all contribute to the vibrancy of this event. Today, we have a lovely beauty look that will inspire your Igbo trad slay. The glam by Isabel Makeover added soft charm to this look. We are also in love with this sleek bun by Desiire Hairs. The coral accessories by  Tophertony Jewelry added a vibrant touch to this look. If you are an Igbo Bride-to-be whose trad is around the corner, you should totally pin this for a flawless look. You can find more beauty looks here.

Check out the photos below and share your thoughts with us.


Belle @dfw_oma
Makeup @isabelmakeover
Accessories @tophertonyjewelry
Hairstylist @desiirehairs
Photography @wizproweddings | @wizpromedia

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